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Installation & Repair of Fencing NZ

We install attractive, durable, and cost-effective fencing NZ on both residential and commercial premises. We also acquire Council consent for fence installation (if needed in certain scenarios).

Installing a fence on your residential or commercial property improves privacy and security, clearly defines property boundaries, and contributes to the overall aesthetics. At Area Tech, we aim to improve your outdoor spaces by installing cost-effective, decorative fences.

• We provide the following fence services for residential and commercial clients:

• Construction of new fences (aluminium and PVC)

• Removal of old fences and gates

• Revitalisation of existing fences - repair, painting or staining

Fencing Contractors - Christchurch, Timaru, Ashburton, Canterbury, Rangiora, Rolleston

We are professional fencing contractors in Christchurch who can help you with your fencing needs. We cater to clients across the greater Christchurch area. So, if you are looking for fencing Timaru, Fencing Ashburton, fencing Canterbury, fencing Rangiora, and fencing Rolleston, you can contact us.

Fencing NZ
Fencing NZ

Aluminium Fencing Christchurch

Want a fence that holds up for decades and offers extra protection without compromising on beauty? Aluminium fencing is your solution. Aluminium fencing not only provides safety but also adds an immediate 'wow' factor to its surroundings - making a bold street statement.

We are fencing contractors Canterbury who can help you discover the best fencing design for your property. Whether you want to install horizontal slat, vertical slat or louvre fencing, we can help.

We are skilled fencing contractor in New Zealand who provide fence installation service with accuracy and attention to detail. Our focus is on ensuring every detail is meticulously handled, leaving no room for loose ends that could result in broken posts or unstable braces.

We bring both experience and expertise to every landscaping Christchurch project to and complete them to the highest standards with 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it’s about installing fencing NZ, building driveways or designing the entire landscape, you can contact us.

Lifestyle PVC Fence Christchurch

In search of a low-maintenance security fencing option? Consider PVC fencing Rolleston. PVC fences are not only durable and attractive but also require minimal upkeep. We are fencing contractors PVC who have the skills and equipment to install and repair PVC fencing and gates for security and structure around your property.

What sets PVC fencing apart is its ability to withstand high winds, heavy rain, extreme heat, or cold, without deforming due to weather events. These fences can endure five times more stress from ground movement compared to other fencing materials, making them a resilient choice for any property.

Our PVC fencing is installed at a depth of 600mm and set in concrete for stability. Gate supporting posts are meticulously installed, featuring an aluminium sleeve insert for added strength and durability. We offer PVC fencing New Zealand options with an appealing sheen that remains vibrant even under the sun. You have the opportunity to choose between picket and panel fencing, both equipped with secure latches.

Commercial Fencing

Commercial properties usually have valuable equipment and inventory. Fences act as a robust physical barrier, deterring unauthorised access, vandalism, and theft. A well-designed fence panel contribute to the aesthetics of a commercial property. Commercial/industrial fencing can also be customised to match the company's branding to create a positive first impression.

We install high quality fencing on commercial properties to clearly define the boundaries. From initial planning to meticulous installation, we ensure that every aspect of your commercial fencing project is handled with expertise and precision, guaranteeing peace of mind for your business operations.

Residential/Lifestyle Fencing

We not only build beautiful driveways and concrete paths in Christchurch, but also care about the security of your residential properties. We install high-quality fences that not only define your property's boundaries but also enhance its overall appeal. Our expert team understands the unique requirements of your properties and offer customised fencing solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether you prioritise privacy, child and pet safety, or simply wish to enhance the visual charm of your property, we offer durable and stylish options.

Why Choose Us for Fencing

The type of fence you install around your property can impact its overall market value. However, before you proceed with installing fences in your outdoor areas, it's crucial to consider the context of the property and the material of the fence that will be most suitable.

We install high-quality PVC and aluminium fencing according to the context of your house to completely transform your outdoors.

    Our fences are:

  • Long-lasting and durable to suit Christchurch weather conditions
  • Quick, easy and low-maintenance
  • Tailored to match the style of your property and its surrounding.

Our Fence Installation Complies with Building Codes

We acknowledge the necessity of ensuring that every fence adheres to the building code regulations, even if a formal building consent is not necessary. All our fence installations between neighbouring properties strictly adhere to The Fencing Act of 1978.

In the case of building a boundary fence between your property and a Council-owned park or waterway, it's common for the Council to contribute to the costs. If you're constructing a fence on a cross-lease property, obtaining permission from the neighbour might be necessary.

We can assist you in situations where cost sharing is necessary and when Council Consent is required. We serve as your all-in-one contractor, handling all your landscaping and fencing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the maximum height of the fence in Christchurch?

In Christchurch, the maximum permitted fence height is typically 1.8 metres along the road boundary and 2 metres on the side and rear boundaries. However, exceptions apply, especially in areas like the Character Area Overlay, Residential New Neighbourhood Zone, and Residential Medium Density zone. In these zones, lower and visually permeable fence designs are required unless resource consent is obtained.

When is Council consent required for fence installation?

According to the Fencing Act 1978, internal boundary fences exceeding the height of 2.5 metres require both resource consent and a building consent. The 2.5 metres height limit is measured as the vertical distance between the top of the fence and the supporting ground directly below.

Is my neighbour obligated to share the cost of fence installation?

If you intend to construct a new fence or renovate an existing one on your cross-lease property, you and your neighbour should divide the costs. It's essential to engage in a conversation with your neighbour and reach a mutual agreement. Together, you both need to decide on specific details, including the height of the fence, the materials to be used, and the budget for the project before proceeding with the installation.

Can you help me select the best fence for my property?

Absolutely, our expert team can provide personalised consultations to help you choose the ideal fence design, taking into account your property's aesthetics, security needs, and budget.

Will you remove the old fence before installing a new one?

Yes, our services often include the removal of the existing fence before installing the new one, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you.

How do I request a quote for fence installation in Christchurch?

You can request a quote by filling up our contact form or giving us a call. We'll schedule a site visit to assess your requirements and provide you with a detailed, personalised quote.

Talk to the experts about your new project

    We specialize in concrete, both commercial and residential decorative finishes. We offer a one-stop shop for all excavation and preparation. Talk to us about your project today.

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