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Artificial Grass Chch

Transform your outdoor spaces into vibrant, lush green landscapes with artificial grass Chch. We specialise in installing durable and eco-friendly artificial turf that not only feels soft underfoot but also withstands the harsh UV radiation of the New Zealand sun. Our high-quality artificial turf comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty to ensure long-lasting beauty for your garden.

Contact us today to schedule professional artificial turf installation in your garden.

Adorn Your Lawns with Artificial Turf Christchurch

Want to create an inviting and serene environment in your commercial lawns to make it the centre of attraction? Let us install artificial turf in your lawn. With no water, pruning and mowing troubles, our artificial turf in Christchurch lasts long without losing its gorgeous appeal.

Artificial turf is a surface made from synthetic fibres designed to mimic the appearance and feel of natural grass. It is typically used in areas where natural grass may be difficult to grow or maintain, such as in arid climates, high-traffic areas, or indoor spaces. Artificial turf is made from materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon, which are UV-resistant and durable.

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Artificial Turf

At Area Tech, all the artificial turf installation done for your commercial lawns are carried out with precision and completed to perfection. Our specialist artificial turf installers leave no scope for errors or dissatisfaction, thus making us a premier choice for artificial grass installation in Christchurch.

Why Install Fake Grass Christchurch

We all love the delightful aroma of freshly mowed grass, and actually enjoy mowing our lawn - it’s oddly satisfying. But oftentimes we tend to neglect the essential upkeep, which can result in pest infestations and other natural accumulations. No one likes a lawn overrun with weeds, overshadowing the actual grass. Even worse, it might become patchy and arid, turning into an instant muddy mess during rainfall.

So, it’s better to install fake grass in NZ as it is weather-resistant, requires low-maintenance and lasts longer than what you would expect in a natural grass.

We are experts in landscaping Christchurch who install fake grass in gardens and other outdoor areas to keep the environment healthy, green, and inviting year-round.

Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a practical, versatile, and eco-friendly solution in landscaping projects, providing a lush green appearance of natural grass.

  • It requires minimal maintenance compared to natural grass. There is no need for mowing, watering, or fertilising, saving both time and resources.
  • It can be installed in various locations, including residential lawns, rooftop gardens, balconies, and indoor spaces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of different areas.
  • For individuals with grass allergies, artificial turf provides a hypoallergenic alternative, allowing them to enjoy outdoor spaces without discomfort.
  • Since artificial turf doesn't attract pests like natural grass, there is a reduced need for pesticides and insecticides, contributing to a safer environment.

Create Enticing Gardens with Artificial Grass Christchurch

Transform ordinary gardens into captivating havens with Artificial Grass Christchurch. Its lush greenery can be expertly integrated into various garden spaces, from cosy backyard corners to sprawling front lawns and effortlessly enhance the visual appeal. Synthetic grass serves as the perfect canvas upon which vibrant flowers, ornamental plants, and artistic hardscapes can truly shine.

At Area Tech, we infuse life into gardens by seamlessly integrating lush and realistic artificial grass with attention to detail.

Contact us today to install artificial grass in your gardens and outdoor areas.


Does artificial grass replicate the feel of natural grass?

Absolutely. We install artificial grass around concrete paths Christchurch to replicate the tactile experience of real grass. It doesn’t feel plastic and oily, and offers a perfect balance between softness and rigidity. Its blades are optimally thick to ensure a natural, soft texture while maintaining the necessary firmness to stand upright.

Will artificial grass lose its colour over time?

No, artificial turf provides a 10-year warranty that includes protection against fading. Synthetic turf is usually crafted from UV-stabilised polyethylene, thoroughly tested by SGS in a UV accelerator to mimic the sun's exposure. This means that the grass retains its vibrant colour and lustre even under extended sunlight exposure.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Yes, it is completely safe for both children and pets because it’s non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. It provides a clean, cushioned surface for children to play and pets to roam without the worry of allergic reactions or exposure to harmful substances commonly found in natural grass. It also supports easy cleanup and prevents muddy paws.

Can artificial turf be installed on any surface?

Yes. It is incredibly versatile and can be installed on various surfaces, including soil, concrete, decking, and even rooftops. Our professional installation team ensures a seamless and secure fit, regardless of the underlying surface, providing a lush, natural-looking environment wherever you desire.

How do I maintain artificial turf?

Maintaining artificial turf involves regular brushing to keep the fibres upright, removing debris, and occasional rinsing.

Can artificial turf be installed in areas with extreme weather conditions?

Yes. for sure. Artificial turf is designed to withstand weather conditions in NZ, including heat, cold, rain, and snow. It is engineered to be durable and resilient in different climates.

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